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Manuscripts and documents of Jean François Raffaëlli, 1878-1914

The collection comprises ca. 1150 leaves of original manuscripts and ca. 220 leaves of correspondence in photocopies. The latter are letters received between the late 1870s and 1914, along with fifteen copies of personal and family documents. Also included are ten drafts of letters Raffaëlli wrote in the same period. The collection of manuscripts comprises writings about most contemporary issues, from arts to philosophy, politics and sociology, including essays, speeches, literary texts, lectures and an unfinished treatise. Except for two typed copies of a lecture in English translation, all the texts are handwritten and, although heavily edited, are often signed or initialled. Raffaëlli's manuscripts reflect numerous ideas typical of the last quarter of the 19th century in France, such as the necessity of modernizing the schools' programs as well as the Jury and exhibition criteria for promoting the modern art; the role of women in society; the "Jewish question" in the context of the Dreyfus affair; the consequences of industrialization; the "péril jaune" and the danger of German invasions and the United States of Europe. The typical "isms" of the last half of 19th century - Naturalism, Impressionism, Positivism, Realism - and Barrès' cult of the self are eloquently illustrated in Raffaëlli's largely unpublished writings
Archival Material, French, 1878