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Structures of feeling in seventeenth-century cultural expression

Structures of Feeling in Seventeenth-Century Cultural Expression explores how artists made use of various cultural forms - notably the visual arts, poetry, theatre, music, and dance - to grapple with human values in the increasingly heterodox world of the 1600s.
Print Book, English, 2013
Published by the University of Toronto Press in association with the UCLA Center for Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Studies and the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, Toronto, 2013
xiii, 382 pages . : illustrations ; 24 cm.
9781442640627, 1442640626
Part I. The science of affect. 1. Disciplining feeling : the seventeenth-century idea of a mathematical theory of the emotions / Daniel Garber ; 2. Clockwork or musical instrument? Some English theories of mind-body interaction before and after Descartes / Penelope Gouk ; 3. The sound world of Father Mersenne / Thomas Christensen
Part II. Colonial extensions. 4. 'Voluntary subjection' : France's theory of colonization/culture in the seventeenth century / Sara E. Melzer ; 5. Fear of singing (episodes from early Latin America) / Gary Tomlinson ; 6. The illicit voice of prophecy / Olivia Bloechl
Part III. The politics of opera. 7. Daphne's dilemma : desire as metamorphosis in early modern opera / Wendy Heller ; 8. A Viceroy behind the scenes : opera, production, politics, and financing in 1680s Naples / Louise B. Stein
Part IV. Baroque bodies. 9. Crashaw and the metaphysical shudder, or, how to do things with tears / Richard Rambuss ; 10. 'Law's bloody inflictions' : judicial wounding and resistance in seventeenth-century England / Sarah Covington ; 11. Excursions to see 'monsters' : odd bodies and itineraries of knowledge in the seventeenth century / Kathryn A. Hoffmann
Part V. Toward a history of time and subjectivity. 12. Temporality and ideology : qualities of motion in seventeenth-century French music / Susan McClary
Essays based on papers presented at four international conferences held at the UCLA Clark Library, 2005