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Mechanical Properties of Egyptian Casuarina Wood

Wood is classified as one of the most common building materials due to its diverse nature. Casuarina is considered one of the fast-growing trees in relatively arid countries such as Egypt. This paper aims to test the mechanical properties for the most two common species of Casuarina in Egypt, which are glauca and cunninghamiana . This research mostly focused on testing these two species for compression parallel to the grain, compression perpendicular to the grain, and static bending; tension parallel to the grain, tension perpendicular to the grain and cleavage tests were only tested on glauca because cunninghamiana was excluded after the first three tests due to the high variability and inconsistency in its results. All the tests were done according to the current standards for wood. The results show that the properties of the glauca species of casuarina wood are promising because it has sufficient strength that could enable it to be used in several structural applications
Downloadable Article, 2019