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The Catholic university and the search for truth

Cyril Orji
Higher education is changing. Religious colleges and universities are not immune to the general secularization taking place in society. How have Catholic colleges and universities and the Catholic intellectual tradition been affected? This book walks readers through the complex changing landscape of education and the Catholic population, exposits Bernard Lonergan's perspective on learning styles and intellectual authenticity as a way forward, and suggests practical ideas for an invigorated understanding and application of the Catholic intellectual tradition.-- Publisher's description
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Anselm Academic, Winona, MN, ©2013
265 pages ; 21 cm
9781599822778, 1599822776
Part 1. Catholic intellectual tradition (CIT) and the Catholic university
1. Is there a Catholic intellectual tradition?
2. Theology and the Catholic university
3. Changes in the Catholic population
4. Contemporary challenges to Catholic universities
Part 2. Bernard Lonergan's thought as a possible way forward
5. The search for intellectual authenticity
6. Understanding and learning styles
7. Modules and implementation of Lonergan's plans for CIT
8. Final reflection: group dynamics and identity formation in CIT