Front cover image for Toxic nursing : managing bullying, bad attitudes, and total turmoil

Toxic nursing : managing bullying, bad attitudes, and total turmoil

Cheryl Dellasega (Author), Rebecca L. Volpe (Author), Sigma Theta Tau International (Issuing body)
"Nurse Managers and nurse administrators at all levels are frequently confronted by the need to manage employee issues arising from interpersonal relationships. These include: conflict (relational aggression or covert bullying), cynicism (negative work attitudes), and calamity (drama and overt antagonism). This book offers numerous concrete strategies for common employee challenges that nurse supervisors face." -- Publisher
Print Book, English, 2013
Sigma Theta Tau International, Indianapolis, IN, 2013
xviii, 344 pages ; 22 cm
9781937554422, 1937554422
The newbie : mistreatment of new nurses
The know-it-all/criticism queen
Gossip and trash talk
Cliques, campaigns, and high-school drama
Competition and credit
Personal issues and downtime behavior
The murse
Better than you
Generations at work
Minimizing the value of colleagues
Politics and CYA
Nurse managers as the problem
Patients as victims
On the battlefield : nurses under attack
Toxic culture/environment
Is your management style causing conflict?
Conflict case scenario
Organizational cynicism self-assessment
When it's time to seek outside counsel