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Combat mime : a non-violent approach to stage violence

From the Introduction: This book outlines-in simple terms and illustrations-how to safely create the illusions of unarmed stage violence. Other fight choreographers may find in it a technique or two that is new to them and instructive, but my primary concern is for the actor, director, or stage manager who is a novice at stage violence. I sincerely hope that this simple book will help prevent injuries related to stage fights. Each technique outlined here can be executed in an infinite number of ways, for there are literally hundreds of styles of hand-to-hand combat in existence today, as well as many varied theatrical styles. However, if the reader pays particular attention to the general principles, then techniques can safely and effectively be adapted to include other movements that suit the actor and the action. Each technique is presented so as to lead the combatants step-by-step to the safe completion of the illusion. Don't fall into the trap of attempting to perform a technique too soon. Improvising during performance is dangerous. It is essential that both partners can rely on the constancy of movement and timing established during rehearsals. Also essential to safety is physical preparedness through preliminary exercise
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