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Prehistoric rock art of India

"The recognition of Indian rock art as an archaeo-historical source dates back to 1868, but it was only with the 1958 discovery of Bhimbetka, the spectacularly rich rock art site in Madhya Pradesh that it started generating wide interest. In this book, Erwin Neumayer presents, for the first time, a well-rounded overview of rock art in India: visual survivals from the many layered Indian history, including the late Stone Age and later Chalcolithic periods. The book covers a vast terrain--from Ladakh and other Himalayan locations, to central India including the Vindhyas, the Satpuras, and the Chhota Nagpur Plateau, to southern Deccan and Sri Lanka--regions where the author has worked extensively. Neumayer documents narrative picture sequences in line-drawings, while at the same time including close-up photos of details. This helps to provide a fairly accurate idea of crucial figures, details of implements, among others. For the picture panels on rocks, line drawings--prepared at the spot--and octal photographs have been chosen to clarify their interpretations. Further, pictures of well-preserved paintings have been reproduced in full. Equipped with a companion CD containing the author's drawings from all major rock art sites across the country, this volume will appeal to rock art scholars, students of art and archeology, as well as general readers."--Publisher's website
Print Book, English, 2013
Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2013
xv, 299 pages : illustrations (chiefly in color) ; 22 x 29 cm
9780198060987, 019806098X
Rock Art Research
Environment of Rock Art Sites
Materials and Preservation of Rock Art Pictures
Chronology of Rock Pictures
The Mesolithic Rock Pictures
The Chalcolithic Rock Pictures