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Down in the ghetto

"Down In The Ghetto" is an account of my time living in the largest favela/slum in Brazil, written to fulfill the requirements of the M.A. in English with a concentration in creative nonfiction. I spent three months in 2002/2003 living in Rocinha, a favela skirting the edge of Rio de Janeiro. This piece is written as a memoir, brutally honest and rich in both character and scene. My goal with this piece is simply to entertain the reader. I did, however, toss in some statistics and background information on the formation of favelas in Brazil. Ultimately, though, it is a love story. It's the story of me, faults and all, getting caught up in the drug-fueled life of the gang-ruled slum. I lost myself for a while only to come out on top in the game of love--taking the best souvenir Brazil had to offer (my wife) with me
Thesis, Dissertation, English, 2013
East Carolina University, [Greenville, N.C.], 2013
East Carolina University