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Erich Itor Kahn papers, 1895-2000

The central component of the Erich Itor Kahn papers consists of the composer's music. Material in the Scores series ranges from original pencil sketches to final published works and spans Kahn's entire career. Also included are works by other composers. Another major part of the collection is the extensive Corresondence series, which combines letters to and from both Erich Itor and Frida Kahn, and which helps to provide some insight into Kahn's personal as well as professional life. Outside of some of this correspondence and items in the Photographs series, there is very little material of a personal nature relating to Erich Itor Kahn in the collection. However, both the Publicity series and the Clippings series include additional materials, such as programs, which can help orient the researcher by putting performances into context. Frida Kahn retained control over the collection for many years after Erich Itor Kahn's death, adding new materials relating to her husband's work. Also of interest are Frida Kahn's own personal papers, which mainly are comprised of her work as a translator and her original writings, including the manuscript of her published memoirs, Generation in Turmoil (1960), as well as several diaries (primarily in German), most of which date from 1927-1935, and which may have served as source material for the published book. The Frida Kahn personal papers series also contains items, including wills, legal documents, and diaries (in German and Russian) belonging to some of her other family members
Archival Material, English, 1895