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The Roman gaze : vision, power, and the body

Print Book, English, ©2002
Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, ©2002
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x, 334 p. : il. ; 24 cm.
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List of Contributors AcknowledgementsIntroduction: Invisible RomeChapter 1. Split Vision: The Politics of the Gaze in Seneca's TroadersChapter 2. This Ship of Fools: Epic vision in Lucan's Vulteius EpisodeChapter 3. Some Unseen Monster: Rereading Lucretius on SexChapter 4. Reading Programs in Greco-Roman Art: Reflections on the Spada ReliefsChapter 5. Look Who's Laughing at Sex: Men and Women Viewers in the Apodyterium of the Suburban Baths at PompeiiChapter 6. Political Movement: Walking and Ideology in Republican RomeChapter 7. Being in the Eyes: Shame and Sight in Ancient Rome Chapter 8. Mapping Penetrability in Late Republican and Early Imperial RomeChapter 9. Looking at Looking: Can You Resist a Reading?Bibliography Index