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Geographical knowledge and imperial culture in the early modern Ottoman Empire

Exploring the reasons for a flurry of geographical works in the Ottoman Empire in the sixteenth century, this study analyzes how cartographers, travellers, astrologers, historians and naval captains promoted their vision of the world and the centrality of the Ottoman Empire in it. It proposes a new case study for the interconnections among empires in the period, demonstrating how the Ottoman Empire shared political, cultural, economic and even religious conceptual frameworks with contemporary and previous world empires
Print Book, English, 2014
Ashgate, Burlington, VT, 2014
xx, 184 pages, 4 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
9781472415332, 1472415337
Eye of the world: textual and visual repertoires of the sixteenth century Ottoman Empire
Negotiating space and the formation of imperial ideology in the sixteenth- century Ottoman Empire
Selim I and the formation of Ottoman imperial ideology
Selim's world: the Mediterranean and the Red Sea
A renaissance of Ottoman geographical consciousness
Süleyman the Magnificent and the Ottoman "grand project"
Ibrahim Pasha and consolidation of the imperial enterprise
Ottoman canonical geography
A somber image and a sober policy
Ottoman discovery of the new worlds
Closure of the sixteenth century: the Ottoman imperial image challenged
Boundaries of the Ottoman world and Ottoman geographical knowledge
Mapping and describing Ottoman Constantinople
Where is the new Rome?
All roads lead to Constantinople: the new Rome in pre-Ottoman geographical traditions
Mehmed the Conqueror: Constantinople as the center of the empire
Ptolemy's Geographia and Mehmed's empire
Bayezid II and Selim I: Constantinople in the age of discovery
Constantinople in Ottoman canonical geography
Charting the Mediterranean: the Ottoman grand strategy
Ottoman-Spanish imperial conflict in the age of discovery
The Spanish Habsburgs and official cartography
Piri Reis and official cartography in the Ottoman empire
Mediterranean cartography: charting the core of the world
Projecting the frontiers of the known world
India and the Indian Ocean: Ottoman peripheries to the east
India and the Indian Ocean in sixteenth century Ottoman geographical knowledge
The new world: Ottoman peripheries to the west
Epilogue Ottoman geographical knowledge in the long eighteenth century