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Critical conversations in co-teaching : a problem-solving approach

This practitioner's guide to building quality collaborative relationships through critical conversations explores three co-teaching models and how co-teaching fits within school-improvement initiatives. In Critical Conversations in Co-Teaching, the authors describe four sets of proven protocols that foster dramatic improvements in the way educators communicate with their colleagues for the benefit of student learning. These protocols fit into three categories--nonnegotiable conversations (recommended for all partners), special occasion protocols (to use in specific situations), and 'in a perfect world' protocols (to use as enrichment activities to extend learning). Designed to enhance shared practice using a simple structure and process of talking together, the framework can create profound differences in the way teachers work together, in the outcomes they can expect from their students, and in their feelings of connectedness to their profession. The framework leads readers to intentionally focus on building adult relationships and targeting students in more meaningful ways. Authentic conversations from real teachers bring the framework to life. Many teachers who have used the framework report that the process re-energized them and reminded them of why they became educators in the first place. Benefits: Follow step-by-step instructions for the activities and conversations within the framework, along with reproducible materials available online; Apply the critical conversations matrix to particular activities within the framework, based on the focus questions and anticipated outcomes; Align efforts with several school-improvement initiatives, including response to intervention, professional learning communities, differentiated instruction, and universal design for learning; Ensure that all professionals involved are sharing their knowledge, skills, and talents to benefit all students
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