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Prophetic witness : Catholic women's strategies for the church

Foreword: Speaking as women / Colleen M. Griffith -- Introduction: Creative fidelity in challenging times / Colleen M. Griffith -- Reenewing the vision -- Articulating the vision anew : the banquet of the creed / Elizabeth Johnson -- Knit together by the spirit as church / M. Shawn Copeland -- The possibilities of creating church : a personal reflection / Rosemary Radford Ruether -- Knowledge as power -- Biblical interpretation and women's experience / Karen A. Barta -- Sisters of Thecla : knowledge, power, and change in the church / Francine Cardman -- Women within church law : shifts, expectations, and strategies in current times / Lynn Jarrell -- Wise as serpents, innocent as doves : strategic appropriation of Catholic social teaching / Margaret R. Pfeil -- Insistence on dialogue -- Unknowing in the place of understanding : the theological fruits of dialogue / Jeannine Hill Fletcher -- The dialogical imperative : listening to concerned and engaged African women / Teresia M. Hinga -- Asian women and dialogue / Gemma T. Cruz -- Feeling through the limits of conversation / Michele Saracino -- Politics of the hearth -- For the sins of the parents : Roman Catholic ethics and the politics of the family / Cristina Traina -- Children and the common good : protection and participation / Mary M. Doyle Roche -- When pregnancy hits home : recognizing the need for familial and ecclesial solidarity / Angela Senander -- Fostering the next generation of faithful women / Jane E. Regan -- Feminist ascetical practices -- Making room for beauty / Susan A. Ross -- Insistent inclusion : intersections of race, class, and gender / Diana Hayes -- Practicing justice with spirit / Mary Jo Leddy -- Claiming and imagining practices of public engagement / Rosemary P. Carbine -- Attending to emerging discourses -- Through the leaven of popular Catholic practices : women transforming church / Nancy Pineda-Madrid -- Catholic sexual ethics in the twenty-first century / Patricia Beattie Jung -- Practical theology in global Christian contexts / Susan Abraham -- Conclusion: Upholding hope -- On not losing heart : Catherine of Siena and the strategies of prayer and friendship / Mary Catherine Hilkert
Print Book, English, 2009
Crossroad Pub. Co, New York, 2009