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The oldest living things in the world

Rachel Sussman (Photographer, Author), Hans Ulrich Obrist (Writer of added commentary), Carl Zimmer (Writer of added commentary)
"The Oldest Living Things in the World is an epic journey through time and space. Over the past decade, artist Rachel Sussman has researched, worked with biologists, and traveled the world to photograph continuously living organisms that are 2,000 years old and older. Spanning from Antarctica to Greenland, the Mojave Desert to the Australian Outback, the result is a stunning and unique visual collection of ancient organisms unlike anything that has been created in the arts or sciences before, insightfully and accessibly narrated by Sussman along the way ... Alongside the photographs, Sussman relays fascinating -- and sometimes harrowing -- tales of her global adventures tracking down her subjects and shares insights from the scientists who research them. The oldest living things in the world are a record and celebration of the past, a call to action in the present, and a barometer of our future."--Publisher's description
Print Book, English, 2014
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2014
illustrated books
xxxiii, 269 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
9780226057507, 022605750X
Art essay : the future is invented with fragments from the past / Hans Ulrich Obrist
Science essay : how lives become long / Carl Zimmer
Infographic 1 : OLTW world map
North America. Giant sequoia ; Bristlecone pine ; Creosote bush ; Mojave yucca ; Honey mushroom ; Box huckleberry ; Palmer's oak ; Pando ; The Senator ; Map lichens
Infographic 2 : Linnean taxonomy
South America. Llareta (or yareta) ; Alerce ; Brain coral
Europe. Fortingall yew ; Chestnut of 100 horses ; Posidonia sea grass ; Olive ; Spruce
Infographic 3 : deep timeline
Asia. J'mon sugi ; Sri maha bodhi ; Siberian actinobacteria
Africa. Baobab ; Underground forests ; Welwitschia
Australia. Antarctic beech ; Tasmanian lomatia ; Huon pine ; Eucalyptus : NSW and WA ; Stromatolites
Antarctica. Antarctic moss
Infographic 4 : growth strategy
Roads not (yet) taken
Researchers, guides, guests, and "a little way through."
Includes indexes