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Helping Battered Women : New Perspectives and Remedies

Provides an overview of programs and policies for helping battered women. This book covers a wide range of possible responses and interventions by police, doctors, social workers, and psychiatrists, and includes chapters on women's shelters, support groups, victim advocacy services, emergency and mental health interventions, and legal remedies
eBook, English, 1997
Oxford University Press, New York, 1997
1 online resource (266 pages)
9780195095876, 0195095871
ForewordJudge Marjory D. Fields: PART I: SOCIAL ACTION, RESEARCH, AND POLICY REFORMS1: Albert R. Roberts: Introduction: Myths and Realities Regarding Battered Women2: Susan E. Roche and Pam J. Sadoski: Social Action for Battered Women3: Albert R. Roberts: A Comparative Analysis of Incarcerated Battered Women and a Community Sample of Battered Women4: Patricia Brownell: Social Work and Criminal Justice Responses to Elder Abuse in New York City5: Diane C. Dwyer, Paul R. Smokowski, John C. Bricout, and John S. Wodarski: Domestic Violence and Woman Battering: Theories and Practice ImplicationsPART II: CRIMINAL JUSTICE RESPONSES6: Albert R. Roberts: Police Responses to Battered Women: Past, Present, and Future7: Albert R. Roberts: Court Responses to Battered Women8: Lisa A. Frisch and Joseph M. Caruso: The Criminalization of Woman Battering: Planned Change Experiences in New York State9: Mindy B. Mechanic: Battered Women, Homicide and the Legal SystemPART III: ASSESSMENT, INTERVENTION, AND SPECIALIZED PROGRAMS10: Sophia F. Dziegielewski, Cheryl Resnick, and Nora B. Krause: Shelter-Based Crisis Intervention with Battered Women11: Bonnie E. Carlson: Children of Battered Women: Research, Programs and Services12: Patricia Petretic-Jackson and Thomas Jackson: Mental Health Interventions with Battered Women13: Theresa M. Zubretsky and Karla M. Digirotama: The False Connection between Adult Domestic Violence and Alcohol14: Gloria Bonilla-Santiago: Latino Battered Women: Barriers to Service Delivery and Cultural ConsiderationsAnn A. Abbott: Epilogue: Helping Battered WomenAuthor indexSubject index