Front cover image for The great pretense; a symposium on anti-Stalinism and the 20th Congress of the Soviet Communist Party

The great pretense; a symposium on anti-Stalinism and the 20th Congress of the Soviet Communist Party

Print Book, English, 1956
Anti-communist literature
viii, 173 pages folded map 24 cm
Nonviolent violence : Khrushchev's program for conquest / Stefan T. Possony
A talk with Voroshilov / William C. Bullitt
The Soviet ultimatum / Constantine Brown
First of the oligarchs / Harry Schwartz
Fear stalks Russia's rulers / George Scherbatoff
The lure of peaceful co-existence / Anthony T. Bouscaren
The new patterns of power / Leon Dennen
The recent news from Moscow / Max Eastman
The risks of anti-Stalinism / Wladyslaw Kulski
No softness in the Kremlin / Eugene Lyons
Why you can't trust the Soviet mind / Gerhart Niemeyer
Smokescreen over Moscow / William Randolph Hearst, Jr
Khrushchev's bid for favor / Robert G. Neumann
The drive for final victory / Ismail Ege
Behind the fall of Joseph Stalin / Nicholas N. Poppe
Newest trick of the Kremlin / Yuri Rastvorov
Red dance of death / William Philip simms
The 20th Party Congress / Nicholas S. Timasheff
The new soviet strategy : toughest challenge yet / The Research Institute of America
Khrushchev copies Stalin / Louis Budenz
American Communists begin their crawl / Frederick Woltman
Let's not get complacent / J. Addington Wagner
Intensifying the Soviet offensive / Francis J. McNamara
Stalinism continues / George Meany
Khrushchev's heritage / Matthew Woll
The mounting pressure of nationalism / Lev E. Dobriansky
Stalinists without Stalin / John S. Reshetar
The Kremlin's call for help / James Burnham
Red China and the purge of Stalin / Kenneth Colegrove
The impact on Mao Tse-Tung / Peter S.H. Tang
Courting the neutralists / Clarence A. Manning
Can Khrushchev survive? / Franz Borkenau
Stalin in cold storage / Robert J. Kerner
The changing world of Soviet Russia / David J. Dallin
Out of Stalin's shadow / Gregory Klimov
A major triumph for Zhukov / Boris I. Nicolaevsky
Summation / J. Edgar Hoover, Director of Federal Bureau of Investigation