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Essential concepts in sociology

Social life is in a constant process of change, and sociology cannot afford to stand still. Sociology today is theoretically diverse, covers a huge range of subjects and draws on a broad array of research methods.
Print Book, English, 2014
Polity, Cambridge, 2014
vii, 223 s
9780745649856, 9780745649863, 0745649858, 0745649866
Introduction THEME 1: THINKING SOCIOLOGICALLY Discourse Globalization Modernity Postmodernity Rationalization Society Structure / Agency THEME 2: DOING SOCIOLOGY Ideal Type Qualitative / Quantitative Methods Realism Reflexivity Science Social construction THEME 3: ENVIRONMENT AND URBANISM Alienation Environment Industrialization Migration Risk Sustainable Development Urbanism THEME 4: STRUCTURES OF SOCIETY Bureaucracy Capitalism Consumerism Division of Labour Education Organization Religion THEME 5: UNEQUAL LIFE CHANCES Class and inequality Gender Intersectionality Patriarchy Poverty Race and Ethnicity Social mobility Status THEME 6: RELATIONSHIPS AND THE LIFECOURSE Community Family Life Course Network Sexuality Socialization THEME 7: INTERACTION AND COMMUNICATION Culture Identity Ideology Interaction Mass Media Public Sphere THEME 8: HEALTH, ILLNESS AND THE BODY Biomedicine Medicalization Sick Role Social Model of Disability Social Self Stigma THEME 9: CRIME AND SOCIAL CONTROL Anomie Deviance Labelling Moral Panic Restorative Justice Social Control Subculture THEME 10: POLITICAL SOCIOLOGY Authority Citizenship Conflict Civil Society Democracy Nation State Power Social Movement References