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Heidegger : an introduction

Richard Polt provides a lively and accessible introduction to one of the most influential and intellectually demanding philosophers of the modern era. Covering the entire range of Heidegger's thought, Polt skillfully communicates the essence of the...
Print Book, English, 1999
Cornell University Press, Ithaca NY., 1999
XI, 197 p. ; 24 cm
9780801435843, 9780801485640, 0801435846, 0801485649
1 The Question2 BeginningsThe rootsTheory of theory Dilthey and HusserlTheory and lifeHeidegger the teacherTowards Being and Time3 Being and Time: Introduction and Division IThe problem and the goal1: The mystery of Being2: Ourselves as the starting point3: Being and the sciences4: Being and human existence5, 6 and 8: The plan of Being and Time7: The method of Being and Time9-11: Existence and everydayness12-13: Being-in-the-world and knowing14-18: The world as a significant whole19-21: The impoverished Cartesian "world"22-24: Quantitative space and the space of appropriateness25-27: Being-with and the "they"28: The basic features of Being-in29-30: Attunement31-33: Understanding, interpretation and assertion34: Discourse35-38: Falling39-42: Anxiety and care43-44: Reality and truth4 Being and Time: Division II and Beyond46-53: Facing up to mortality54-60: Owning up to indebtedness and responsibility63: Existentiell truth as the basis of existential truth62, 64-65: Temporality as the key to the Being of Dasein66-71: Reinterpreting everydayness in terms of temporality72-77: History, heritage and fate78-82: Primordial temporality and the ordinary concept of timeA glimpse of Division III5. Later HeideggerSigns of the turn"What is Metaphysics?": nothingness and the disintegration of logic"On the Essence of Truth": unconcealment and freedomIntroduction to Metaphysics: the history of the restriction of Being"The Origin of the Work of Art": the clash of earth and worldContributions to Philosophy: fragments of another beginningMachination and lived experienceBeing as appropriationTruth as shelteringThe way from beings to BeingHeidegger's politics: facts and thoughts"Letter on Humanism": existentialism, humanism and ethics"The Question Concerning Technology": beings as manipulable resourcesPoetry and languageThe final analysis?Selected BibliographyIndex
Selected bibliography: p. 181-192