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Content strategy for the Web

Print Book, English, ©2012
New Riders, Berkeley, Calif, ©2012
xviii, 197 p. : illustrations ; 23 cm
9780321808301, 0321808304
Foreword: The Rapid Rise of Content Strategy at Facebook and Beyond Before We Begin REALITY 1 NOW: Hit the ground running. 2 PROBLEM: Why does your content (still) suck? 3 SOLUTION: Content strategy to the rescue. DISCOVERY 4 ALIGNMENT: Down with silos, up with people. 5 AUDIT: Take a close-up look at your current content. 6 ANALYSIS Your content lives in a complicated world. STRATEGY 7 CORE: Core strategy: the center of it all. 8 CONTENT: Substance and structure: the stuff they come for. 9 PEOPLE Worldflow and governance: the path to victory. SUCCESS 10 PERSUASION: Making the case for content strategy. 11 ADVOCACY: Get out there and do something. 12 HERO: Save the content, save the world. Content strategy reading list Acknowledgments About the Authors About Brain Traffic Index