Front cover image for Adaptive responses of native Amazonians

Adaptive responses of native Amazonians

Print Book, English, 1983
Academic Press, New York, 1983
xv, 516 pages : illustrations, map ; 25 cm
9780123212504, 0123212502
Introduction / Raymond B. Hames and William T. Vickers
Machiguenga Gardens / Allen Johnson
The cultivation of Manioc among the Kuikuru of the Upper Xingú / Robert L. Carneiro
Adaptative strategies of Wakuénai peoples to the oligotrophic rain forest of the Rio Negro Basin / Jonathan Hill and Emilio F. Moran
Neotropical hunting among the Aché of Eastern Paraguay / Kim Hill and Kristen Hawkes
Shotguns, blowguns, and spears : the analysis of technological efficiency / James A. Yost and Patricia M. Kelley
Why do the Mekranoti trek? / Dennis Werner
Cocamilla fishing : patch modification and environmental buffering in the Amazon Várzea / Anthony Stocks
Carpe diem : an optimal foraging approach to Bari fishing and hunting / Stephen Beckerman. Adaptation and ethnozoological classification : theoretical implications of animal resources and diet of the Aguaruna and Huambisa / Brent Berlin and Elois Ann Berlin
Nutrition in the Northwest Amazon : household dietary intake and time-energy expenditure / Darna L. Dufour
Seasonal factors in subsistence, nutrition, and child growth in a Central Brazilian Indian community / Nancy M. Flowers
The settlement pattern of a Ya̜nomamö population bloc : a behavioral ecological interpretation / Raymond B. Hames
Village movement in relation to resources in Amazonia / Daniel R. Gross
The territorial dimensions of Siona-Secoya and Encabellado adaptation / William T. Vickers