Front cover image for Well-connected domains : towards an entangled Ottoman history

Well-connected domains : towards an entangled Ottoman history

Pascal Firges (Editor, Author), Tobias P. Graf (Editor, Author), Christian Roth (Editor, Author), Gulay Tulasoglu (Editor, Author)
In Well-Connected Domains, Pascal W. Firges, Tobias P. Graf, Christian Roth, and Gülay Tulasoğlu showcase recent scholarship on the deep entanglements between the Ottoman Empire and the world beyond its borders, offering novel interpretations and fresh impulses for future research
eBook, English, 2014
Brill, Leiden, 2014
1 online resource (xxi, 307 pages) : illustrations, maps
9789004274686, 9781306942584, 9004274685, 1306942586
Trading between East and West: the Ottoman Empire of the early modem period / Suraiya N. Faroqhi
Shifting winds: piracy, diplomacy, and trade in the Ottoman Mediterranean, 1624-1626 37 / Joshua M. White
Ottoman seas and British privateers: defining maritime territoriality in the eighteenth-century Levant / Michael Talbot
French capitulations and consular jurisdiction in Egypt and Aleppo in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries / Viorel Panaite
Firasetle na ar edesin: recreating the gaze of the Ottoman slave owner at the confluence of textual genres / Nur Sobers-Khan
Turks reconsidered: Jakab Harsanyi Nagy's changing image of the Ottoman
Gabor Karman
Of half-lives and double-lives: "renegades" in the Ottoman Empire and their pre-conversion ties, ca. 1580-1610 / Tobias P. Graf
Aspects of juridical integration of non-Muslims in the Ottoman Empire: observations in the eighteenth-century urban and rural Aegean / Christian Roth
Gunners for the sultan: French revolutionary efforts to modernize the Ottoman military / Pascal W. Firges
"Humble efforts in search of reform": consuls, pashas, and quarantine in early-Tanzimat Salonica / Giilay Tulasoglu
Transforming a late-ottoman port-city: Salonica, 1876-1912 / Sotirios Dimitriadis
A civic initiative for the founding of a museum in the Ottoman province around 1850 / Maximilian Hartmuth
The transcultural dimension of the Ottoman constitution / Aylin Korunyan