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Reading Romans in context : Paul and Second Temple Judaism

Ben C. Blackwell (Editor), John K. Goodrich (Editor), Jason Maston (Editor)
Readers of Paul today are more than ever aware of the importance of interpreting Paul's letters in their Jewish context. In Reading Romans in Context a team of Pauline scholars go beyond a general introduction that surveys historical events and theological themes and explore Paul's letter to the Romans in light of Second Temple Jewish literature. In this non-technical collection of short essays, beginning and intermediate students are given a chance to see firsthand what makes Paul a distinctive thinker in relation to his Jewish contemporaries. Following the narrative progression of Romans, each chapter pairs a major unit of the letter with one or more thematically related Jewish text, introduces and explores the theological nuances of the comparative text, and shows how these ideas illuminate our understanding of the book of Romans
Print Book, English, 2015
Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2015
192 pages ; 23 cm
9780310517955, 0310517958
Foreword Simon Gathercole Introduction; History of the Second Temple Period Editors 1 Messianism in Romans 1:1-17 Wesley Hill 2 Anthropology in Romans 1:18-2:5 Jonathan Linebaugh 3 Ethnicity in Romans 2:6-29 Love Sechrest 4 Works of the Law in Romans 3:1-20 Aaron Sherwood 5 God's Righteousness in Romans 3:21-31 Jonathan Linebaugh 6 Abraham's Faith in Romans 4:1-25 Mariam Kamell 7 Justification in Romans 5:1-11 Mark Mathews 8 Adam and/or Temporal Dualism in Romans 5:12-21 Jonathan Worthington 9 Personification in Romans 6:1-23 Joseph Dodson 10 Sin and Human Agency in Romans 7:1-25 Jason Maston 11 Spirit and Human Agency in Romans 8:1-13 Kyle Wells 12 Cosmology in Romans 8:14-39 Ben Blackwell 13 Election in Romans 9:1-29 Orrey McFarland 14 Righteousness and Law in Romans 9:30-10:21 David Lincicum or Sarah Whittle (?) 15 Israel's Salvation in Romans 11:1-36 John Goodrich 16 Community and Ethics in Romans 12:1-21 Ben Dunson 17 Politics in Romans 13:1-14 Dean Pinter 18 Anti-Semitism in Romans 14:1-15:13 Nijay Gupta 19 Almsgiving in Romans 15:14-33 David Briones 20 Women in Ministry in Romans 16:1-27 Susan Mathew Epilogue: Reading Romans in Light of Second Temple Judaism; Glossary; Appendix: Basic Research Tools Editors