Front cover image for The matter of art : materials, practices, cultural logics, c. 1250-1750

The matter of art : materials, practices, cultural logics, c. 1250-1750

Christy Anderson (Editor), Anne Dunlop (Editor), Pamela H. Smith (Editor)
This book will appeal not only to historians of art, science, and material culture, but also to general readers with an interest in craft and the history of objects as well as to historians interested in a global history of the early modern period
Print Book, English, 2015
Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2015
xvi, 339 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9780719090608, 9781784992828, 0719090601, 1784992828
Part I Matter: 1. The matter of the medium: some tools for an art-theoretical interpretation of materials / Ann-Sophie Lehmann; 2. The matter of ideas in the working of metals in ealry modern europe / Pamela H. Smith; 3. On the origins of European painting materials, real and imagined / Anne Dunlop; 4. Gold coins and gold leaf in early Italian paintings / Irma Passeri
Part II Practices: 5. The ʹGenealogy of Jean le Blancʹ: accounting for the materiality of the medieval Eucharist / Aden Kumler; 6. Lead whiteʹs mysteries / Spike Bucklow; 7. Material distinctions: plaster, terracotta, and wax in the Renaissance artistʹs workshop / Eckart Marchand; 8. Rocks and reverence: Inka and Spanish perceptions of stonework in the early modern Andes / Carolyn Dean
Part III Cultural logics: 9. Precious stones, mineral beings: performative materiality in fifteenth-century northern art / Brigitte Buettner; 10. Carving life: the meaning of wood in early modern European sculpture / Christina Neilson; 11. Arti povere, 1300-1650 / Michael Cole; 12. Polish stone, Venetian glass, and red Hungarian marble: the materials of a Renaissance chapel in Jagiellonian Poland / Katie Jakobiec; 13. Reveal or conceal: chopines and the display of material wealth in early modern Valencia and Venice / Elizabeth Semmelhack; 14. Entanglements of body, text, and stone: the crafting and connoisseurship of inkstones in eighteenth-century China / Dorothy Ko