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Reflection on digestion

Amanda Couch, Couch, Amanda (Creator)
Reflection on Digestion is an epic work. As book, it is nine metres, folded back and forth into an eighteen-page concertina form. Its covers are of undyed calfskin, and its eighteen pages are made of 410 gsm white somerset satin paper relief printed from photo polymer plates. It is book but it is also performance: 37 hours of performance. The bodily act of the scribe originated the manuscript, which was then transferred and translated through digital and mechanical technologies at UCA Farnham, and the hand-made, to produce an edition of three book works. More recently, I have undertaken reading lasting from fifteen minutes to four and a half hours in duration, in which I am attempting to navigate the awkward physicality of its nine metres, as well as my scripto continua writing. The writing is not easily legible, the lettering hovers between word and image, content and form. The attempts to decipher the words creates an absurd narrative in which language is, in one moment recognised, the next, just nonsense
Downloadable Visual Material, English, 2012