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Parrots of the wild : a natural history of the world's most captivating birds

"A synthetic account of the diversity and ecology of wild parrots, distilling knowledge from the author's own research and from her review of more than 2,400 published scientific studies. The text covers parrots' evolutionary history, foraging, mating, and social behavior, innate intelligence, and conservation status. The book is enhanced by an array of illustrations, including photos of parrots taken exclusively in their natural habitat"-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2015
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University of California Press, Oakland, California, 2015
xx, 345 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 26 cm
9780520239258, 0520239253
The world of parrots : introducing the Psittaciformes. What are the parrots and where did they come from? : the evolutionary history of the parrots ; Phylogeny (The marvelous diversity of parrots ; Reconstructing evolutionary history ; The evolution of parrots ; Some parrot enigmas)
The functional parrot : physiology, morphology and behavior. The thriving parrot : the foods and beaks of parrots ; Foraging ecology (Introduction to the diets of parrots ; The seed eaters ; Other diets) ; The sensible parrot : how parrots perceive and use information ; Sensory biology and communication (Introduction to sensory biology ; Visual communication ; Vocal communication ; The thinking parrot : the brains of parrots and how they use them ; Cognitive ethology (Introduction to the study of learning and cognition ; The brains of birds ; Cognition in parrots ; Mental distress in captive parrots)
The lives of parrots : mating, life history, and populations. Sex and marriage : the mating systems of parrots ; Behavioral ecology (Introduction to mating systems and how they evolve ; Monogamy ; Other mating systems) ; From the cradle to the grave : the life histories of parrots ; Evolutionary ecology (Introduction to the study of life histories ; Life in the nest hollow ; Life out in the world) ; Populations of parrots : conservation and invasion biology ; Population ecology (Introduction to conservation biology ; Parrots in peril ; Parrots as invasive species)
Epilogue: Themes and threads uniting the chapters of this book. Parrots as the most human of birds ; The future of wild parrots