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Food in Medieval England : diet and nutrition

Food in Medieval England draws on the latest research to present the most up-to-date picture of English diet from the early Saxon period up to c.1540. It examines a wide range of sources, from the historical records of medieval farms, abbeys, and households, to animal bones, human remains, and plants from archaeological sites.
Print Book, English, 2011
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2011
XI, [5], 347 s. : il. ; 25 cm.
9780199563357, 0199563357
1. Introduction ; I: SURVEY OF FOODSTUFFS ; 2. The Consumption of Field Crops in Medieval England ; 3. Gardens and Garden Produce in Later Medieval England ; 4. The Archaeology of Medieval Plant Foods ; 5. From Cu and Sceap to Beffe and Motton: The Management, Distribution, and Consumption of Cattle and Sheep, AD 410-1550 ; 6. Pig Husbandry and Pork Consumption in Medieval England ; 7. Meat and Dairy Products in Late Medieval England ; 8. Fish Consumption in Medieval England ; 9. Birds: Food and a Mark of Status ; 10. The Consumption and Supply of Birds in Late Medieval England ; 11. The Impact of the Normans on Hunting Practices in England ; 12. Procuring, Preparing, and Serving Venison in Late Medieval England ; II: STUDIES IN DIET AND NUTRITION ; 13. Group Diets in Late Medieval England ; 14. Seasonal Patterns in Food Consumption in the Later Middle Ages ; 15. Monastic Pittances in the Middle Ages ; 16. Diet in Medieval England: The Evidence from Stable Isotopes ; 17. Diet and Medieval Demography ; 18. Nutrition and the Skeleton ; 19. Conclusion ; Bibliography ; Index