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Meeting health information needs outside of healthcare : opportunities and challenges

Catherine Arnott Smith (Editor), Alla Keselman (Editor)
Consumer health information provision, or provision of health information targeting laypeople, is conducted by professionals working in a range of fields, including librarianship, computer science and health information technology, journalism, and health communication. Meeting Health Information Needs Outside Of Healthcare addresses the challenges and ethical dilemmas concerning the delivery of health information to the general public in a variety of non-clinical settings, in person and via information technology, in settings from public and academic libraries to online communities. This book aims to clarify the properties of health information in diverse settings that make it particularly challenging information to provide. Catherine Arnott Smith is an Associate Professor in the School of Library & Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison. She holds a PhD in Library & Information Sciences/Medical Informatics and an MSIS in Information Sciences/Medical Informatics (University of Pittsburgh, 2002 and 2000 respectively), as well as master's degrees in library and information science and American History/archives administration (University of Michigan, both degrees conferred in 1992). Her research interests are consumer health vocabularies and consumer interactions with electronic medical records and personal health records, as well as clinical information exchange in nonclinical spaces, such as public libraries and university disability resources centers. Alia Keselman is a Senior Social Science Analyst in the Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS), National Library of Medicine, United States National Institutes of Health. She holds a PhD in human cognition and learning and an MA in biomedical informatics from Columbia University. Dr. Keselman conducts research into lay understanding of complex health concepts, health literacy, and consumer health informatics, as well as the role of libraries and librarians in providing health information to the public. Dr. Keselman also oversees the development of life sciences and health education resources for K-12 students and teachers. Key Points, Addresses professional challenges and ethical problems of communicating health information, Focuses on health information as a challenge for different professionals providing health information in different settings, Emphasizes shared challenges of information practice across different settings as well as those facing professionals in different roles
Print Book, English, 2015
Chandos Publishing, Waltham, MA, 2015