Front cover image for The size of the risk : histories of multiple use in the Great Basin

The size of the risk : histories of multiple use in the Great Basin

"In The Size of the Risk, Leisl Carr Childers has provided a timely and nuanced interpretation of the struggles over multiple use on the public lands of the Great Basin, centered in Nevada and western Utah. Public lands, managed primarily by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the US Forest Service, compose more than two-thirds of the Great Basin s territory, and the use and disposal of the public domain in the region has long been contested. Carr Childers elucidates the long-standing grievances of ranchers in the Great Basin who have felt increasingly beleaguered by expanding notions of multiple use that have infringed upon their traditional grazing and water rights. As the author writes in the introduction, this book is a study in the ways in which local populations influence and resist, create and reshape national trends on public lands and in how the federal government has worked (or not worked) to accommodate local interests (p. 7). The study is enriched by considerable archival research as well as extensive oral histories of many of the families directly involved in the controversies over the multiple-use concept, which has expanded during the twentieth century to encompass not only grazing, mining, and lumbering, but also nuclear testing, protection of wildlife and wild horses, and outdoor recreation. In seven chapters, the author layers each of these expansions of the multiple-use concept, and portrays this increasingly complicated landscape in several useful maps"-- From review on
Print Book, English, 2015
University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, OK, 2015