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Where I am : heaven, eternity, and our life beyond the now

Billy Graham (Author)
"While his earthly vision dims, the glory of heaven is illuminated as Billy Graham, the beloved evangelist, shares from his past, and present, the reality of eternity"--Page ix
Print Book, English, 2015
W Publishing Group, Nashville, Tennessee, 2015
xviii, 270 pages ; 24 cm
9780718042226, 9780718077501, 9781404106437, 0718042220, 0718077504, 140410643X
The Old Testament
Tree of eternal life : from beginning to unending (Genesis)
Eternal deliverance : deliverance or defiance (Exodus)
One eternal sacrifice : the gift of the blood (Leviticus, Numbers)
Eternal judgment : choose life (Deuteronomy)
Power forever : choose or lose (Joshua)
Eternal judge, eternal redeemer : strong and rebellious, submissive and secure (Judges, Ruth)
Eternal king, eternal throne, eternal kingdom : manpower or God's power (1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, 1 and 2 Chronicles)
Mercy endures forever : retaliate or rebuild (Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther)
Eternal redemption : sackloth, ashes, and joy (Job)
Joy eternal : preparing for home (Psalms)
Wisdom eternal in heaven : I am wisdom (Proverbs)
Eternity set in the heart : stealing or sealing the heart (Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon)
Soul eternal : the life of a spirit (Isaiah)
Everlasting love : tears that speak (Jeremiah, Lamentations)
Everlasting peace : peace promises (Ezekiel)
Kingdom worship forever : bow down or stand up (Daniel)
His name is eternal : majoring on the minors (The twelve)
The New Testament
Eternal prayer answered : stray or pray (Matthew)
Eternal rewards : winning his favor (Mark)
The search for eternal life : running to Him, then walking away (Luke)
Home eternal, where I am : life everlasting (John)
Eternal works of God : idols are idle, God is at work (Acts)
Praise eternal : suffering or singing (Romans)
Righteousness forever : the everlasting foundation (1 and 2 Corinthians)
The cross everlasting : the beam in the rubble and the cross in our hearts (Galatians)
The church eternal : wake up and take charge (Ephesians)
Eternal glory : honoring the holy (Philippians, Colossians)
Forever separated or forever united : land of the lost or land of the living (1 and 2 Thessalonians)
Serving for eternity : complaining or obeying (1 and 2 Timothy)
The everlasting gospel : commissioning the message (Titus, Philemon)
Eternal salvation : reject or accept (Hebrews)
Eternal crown : attending the great coronation (James, 1 and 2 Peter)
The Word eternal : words matter (1 John)
Everlasting truth : tried and tested (2 and 3 John)
The eternal flame : snatching souls from the fire (Jude)
The King's eternal reign : the cradle, the cross, and the crown (Revelation)
Some copies published with subtitle: heaven, eternity, and our life beyond