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Sex Litigation and the Public Schools

The main purpose of this book is to draw attention to a subject which is, or should be, of concern to virtually every citizen--judges, legislators, school officials, teachers, pupils, and parents. The school is not immune to the "sex revolution" that is going on in society, and is therefore obligated to keep abreast of developments. The main thrust of this investigation is to draw attention to the legal principles derived from decisions of school cases, involving sex, that have been brought before the courts for adjudication in recent years. Chapters cover the trend and legality of sex instruction in the public schools, the alleged sexual misbehavior of teachers, the meaning of "obscenity," the litigious aspect of the marital status of teachers, regulations concerning the marital status of students, and the early attempts by women to win equal rights. (Author/IRT)
Microform, English, 1975
The Michie Company, 1975