Front cover image for Rights during a police stop / DUI in the United States : what officers can and cannot do

Rights during a police stop / DUI in the United States : what officers can and cannot do

Robin G. Sagstetter (Author)
Everyone has been there: driving down the street when suddenly those flashing lights appear in the rearview mirror. First comes disbelief, then disappointment and lastly fear. Some may fear a ticket for speeding. Some may fear jail due to that glass of wine at dinner. Others may fear something far worse. The truth is, if a person does not know his or her rights during a police stop in the United States, there is good reason to be afraid. Police are given an enormous amount of power. They are allowed to deceive, scare and kill people in the line of duty. Some officers get carried away with that power. As a result, some cops prey on people who are ignorant of their rights and take advantage of them with illegal tactics, intimidation and sometimes brutality. Certainly, most officers perform their jobs in an honorable manner with good faith. Even so, police are trained in gaining unnecessary consent, allowing officers to conduct legal breath, chemical and field sobriety tests, as well as searches of people and their vehicles, all of which people have a right to refuse in certain situations and jurisdictions. ... Realize Your Rights empowers Americans with necessary legal information for things they commonly do everyday. For instance, most people get in their cars and drive every day. However, most people have no idea what their rights are in the event of a police stop. This book educates people on those rights.--Back cover
Print Book, English, 2012
Outskirts Press, Denver, Colorado, 2012