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Newswriting and reporting public affairs

Print Book, English, [1970]
Chilton Book Co, Philadelphia, [1970]
manuals (instructional materials)
x, 576 pages 25 cm
9780801960024, 9780801956027, 0801960029, 0801956021
Writing news for the Smiths
The people who write and edit the news
What is news and who reads it?
The lead
Organizing the facts
Making the news meaningful
Making the event vivid
Speeches and conventions
Human interest stories and interviews
The obituary
Science and technology
Some communication theory
The courts
Civil actions: plaintiff's pleading
Civil actions: responsive pleading
Civil actions: the trial
Law enforcement agents
Criminal actions: crimes
Criminal actions: arrest
Criminal actions: accusation
Criminal actions: defendant's pleading
Criminal actions: the trial
Free press and fair trial
Bankruptcy proceedings
Extraordinary remedies
Appellate procedure
Corporate finance
The county building
The city hall
The federal building
Political party organizations