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An uncommon gift

James S. Evans (Author)
"Jamie Evans knows the meaning of defeat, but it is not a posture he accepts in himself. Like millions of Americans, he suffers from dyslexia and hyperkinesia. In this remarkable story of his struggle to combat these difficulties, he meets obstacle after obstacle and knocks them down, one by one. He reveals what is going on inside the person who cannot sit still, who is frustrated by an inability to read, who stutters, whose behavior is generally disruptive...In An Uncommon Gift Jamie relates how he conquered his learning disabilities. He shows that through counseling and supportive relationships deep emotional scars began to heal. From an individual who demanded constant attention emerged a caring person who recognizes the special needs of others. This is also a story of enduring faith. The author believes that God would not have given him problems without providing the resources to cope with them. He describes experiencing the power of Christ, who remained with him during a healing process that went on for years. Forthright, compelling, fascinating to read, this story of a young man's inner and outer struggles and ultimate victory carries a special message for all those who face life with handicaps to overcome, as well as for the families and friends who stand with them" -- Book jacket
Print Book, English, 1983
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The Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1983