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Darren Groth (Author)
"I am a Vancouver author and new citizen of Canada, having moved from my native Australia in 2007. My novels include Kindling, published by Hachette in 2010 and released in Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan; and my most recent YA work, Are You Seeing Me?, published by Random House Australia and released in Canada and the US through Orca Book Publishers. I have appeared at literary events on both sides of the Pacific, including the Byron Bay Writers' Festival, the Vancouver Writers Fest and the Brisbane Writers' Festival. I have been a guest speaker, workshop/masterclass facilitator and writer-in-residence for literary organizations, writing groups, schools and libraries. I have penned feature articles for numerous print and online publications and was formerly a registered Mentor with the Australian Society of Authors."--Bio
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Darren Groth, Vancouver, Canada, 2010