Front cover image for Sow/reap


Elsi Vassdal Ellis, EVE Press (Publisher)
"Revenge is the topic of the day in the Sow/reap series. The first book explores the hopeful transition from anger, hatred and the desire for revenge (or avenging a wrong), to letting go and forgiving the transgressor. It begins with death, the motivation for revenge. It ends with life, the motivation for forgiveness. The color of the words changes from black to red to green. On each page threads have been pulled, colored either red, black or green, and then woven back in place to fill the gaps. In anger there is the hope of forgiveness; in forgiving, there is the possibility residual anger may rear itself and derail the healing"--23 Sandy Gallery website, viewed on December 30, 2015
Print Book, English, 2009
[EVE Press], [Bellingham, Washington], 2009