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Sacred cow, mad cow : a history of food fears

Madeleine Ferrières, Jody Gladding (Translator)
Explores the panics, myths, and ever-shifting attitudes regarding food and its safety. This book recounts the development of safety methods that became the Western model for fighting animal diseases. It discusses crucial and curious food-related incidents, trends, and beliefs.
Print Book, English, ©2006
Columbia University Press, New York, ©2006
399 s.
9780231131926, 0231131925
Series Editor's Preface Preface to the American Edition Introduction 1. Forbidden Meats 2. Political Meat 3. The Birth of the Consumer 4. The Vigilant Consumer 5. The Phobia of New Plants 6. Bread on Trial 7. Silent Fears 8. The Pate and the Garden 9. Hungarian Cattle Disease 10. From the Epizootic to the Epidemic 11. The Politics of Precaution 12. The Dangers of Imperfect Metals 12. Health Conflicts 14. Bourgeois Serenity 15. English Cattle Disease 16. The Poisoners of Chicago Conclusion Notes Bibliography Index