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The brainwashing of my dad

Jen Senko (Producer, Director, Screenwriter), Matthew Modine (Producer), Kala Mandrake (Editor of moving image work), Rachael Levine (Cinematographer), Bill Plympton (Animator), Adam Rackoff (Producer), Scott Ferrara (Composer), Ryan Smith (Producer), Jodie Davis (Producer), JSenko Productions (Production company, Distributor)
"In this award-winning new documentary, director Jen Senko seeks to discover why her WWII veteran father's personality radically transformed from that of a non-political Kennedy Democrat to an angry right-wing fanatic after his discovery of Talk Radio and Fox News. In trying to understand how this happened, Senko not only finds this to be a phenomenon, but also comes to a startling conclusion about the course of the media over the last 30-40 years. ... The documentary pulls back the curtain on the wizards behind the right-wing media phenomenon, and through interviews with Noam Chomsky, David Brock, Jeff Cohen, George Lakoff, Claire Connor, Dr. Kathleen Taylor, Frank Luntz and others, reveals the true story of the behind-the-scenes strategies designed to shift the national discourse to the Right."--Container
DVD Video, English, 2016
[Parallel Lines Documentary Production & Distribution], [Los Angeles, CA], 2016