Front cover image for Lehi in Arabia : the search for Nephi's Bountiful

Lehi in Arabia : the search for Nephi's Bountiful

Chad Aston (Film director, Screenwriter), Scot Facer Proctor (Narrator), Warren P. Aston, Aston Productions (Australia) (Presenter)
Visualize what it was like for Lehi and his family to travel for eight years throught the wilderness, including the Valley of Lemuel, Nahom, and Bountiful. A comprehensive documentary, shot on location over three years, follows expeditions to remote locations on the Arabian Peninsula as potential Bountiful areas are explored and compared with the scriptural criteria. The film brings the rich culture of the Middle East alive and features onsite interviews with botanists, archaeologists, geologists and cultural historians, and includes new scholarly insights and exciting discoveries
DVD Video, English, 2015
Aston Productions, [Utah], 2015