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Dementia in the family : practical advice from a caregiver

Lee Cardwell (Author)
"Approximately six million people have some form of dementia in North America, and they each have an average of five care partners. This number is growing each year and will continue to grow until a cure is found. There are books that are very clinical and books that are fictional, but 'Dementia in the Family' provides clinical information in lay terms within a true story of how dementia affects not just the person with the disease, but everyone around them. The author's gentle humor offers the reader moments of lightness in what could be a very dark read. Anyone can read and learn from this warm, practical, and all-encompassing book on dementia."-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2017
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Self-Counsel Press, (a division of) International Self-Counsel Press Ltd., Bellingham, WA, 2017
xiv, 143 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
9781770402874, 177040287X
What is dementia?
Alzheimer's disease
Other types of dementia
My story : my mother and signs of dementia
Living options for seniors and those with dementia
My story : the long-term care facility experience
Choosing and using a long-term care facility
My story : my mother, other mothers, my husband
My story : providing full-time care myself
Becoming the full-time care partner of a person with dementia (the DIY version)
More things I learned about dementia as time progressed (or, tips for caring for someone with dementia)
What to expect when caring for someone with dementia : taking care of the caregiver/care partner
What I'm doing about dementia moving forward (and what you can do, too)
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