Front cover image for Breviarium. UBU Hs. 15 C 10

Breviarium. UBU Hs. 15 C 10

Margrite van Harrelaer (Patron, Former owner), Reynerus Pauli (Binder), Anthony Wakeham (Former owner), St Brigittenklooster (Utrecht) (Former owner, Former owner), St Brigittenklooster Marienwater Koudewater (Rosmalen) (Former owner, Former owner), York Minster Library (York) (Former owner, Former owner)
Manuscript, Latin, 1495
[Brigittines], [Nothern Netherlands (Utrecht (?))], 1495
Handschriften (vorm)
195 fols. : historiated initial, decorated initials with border decoration, engraving pasted on an inserted leaf with border decoration ; 193 x 131 mm.
Preliminary title
According to a note in the manuscript, it was commissioned by Margriete van Harrelaer in 1495
The manuscript can be connected to the Birgittines on the base of the calendar. It belonged either to the Birgittines of Utrecht (CMD-NL 2, no. 735a) or to those of Rosmalen (Sander Olsen 1995)