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Berg encyclopedia of world dress and fashion. Africa

Joanne Bubolz Eicher (Editor), Doran H. Ross (Editor)
Lavishly illustrated with over 300 images - most previously unpublished - Africa is the first major reference work to offer a comprehensive overview of dress and adornment in this vast continent of many nations and peoples. This volume examines past and present dress practices, including the ornamental and symbolic meaning of body decoration, the historical significance of cloth and textiles, and the ancient trading relationships and migrations that have shaped Africa's complex material culture. This is a land of contrasts, where age-old ceremonial dress and mask traditions coexist with the trappings of a modern, globalized society. The rich, varied, and often deeply symbolic dress of African peoples is given its fullest coverage to date in this landmark work
Website, English, 2010
Berg, Oxford, 2010
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Encyclopedia Preface
Preface to Africa
Part 1: Overview of Dress and Fashion in Africa Introduction: The Study of African Dress, Joanne B. Eicher and Doran H. Ross Climatic Zones and Cultural Regions, Philip W. Porter PART 2 : History of Dress and Fashion in Africa Archaeological Evidence, Fred T. Smith Photographic and Other Visual Sources, Christraud M. Geary Prehistory to Colonialism, Marie-Amy Mbow Colonialism to Independence, Heather Marie Akou Independence to Present, Suzanne Gott SNAPSHOT: Heads of State and Dress, Suzanne Gott Fashion in African Dress, Victoria L. Rovine African Fashion Designers, Victoria L. Rovine PART 3: Types of Dress in Africa Body and Beauty, Babatunde Lawal Body Modification and Body Art, Lisa Aronson Jewelry, Kristyne Loughran Headdresses and Hairdos, Mary Jo Arnoldi Beads and Beadwork, Sandra Klopper Footwear, Doran H. Ross Masquerade, Theater, Dance Costumes, Herbert M. Cole Children's Masquerade Costumes, Simon Ottenberg PART 4 : African Textiles North Africa, Fred T. Smith West Africa, Lisa Aronson East Africa, Sandra Klopper and Rehema Nchimbi Southern Africa, Juliette Leeb-du Toit PART 5 : North Africa Algeria, Judith Scheele Egypt: Historical Dress, Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood and Tineke Rooijakkers Dress in Egypt in the Twentieth Century, Betty Wass El-Wakil SNAPSHOT: Dance Costumes, Margaret A. Deppe SNAPSHOT: Libya, Doran H. Ross Morocco, Cynthia J. Becker Tunisia, Meriem Chida Mauritania and Western Sahara, Hudita Nura Mustafa PART 6: West Africa Benin, Joseph C.E. Adande Burkina Faso, Christopher D. Roy Senegal and Gambia, Hudita Nura Mustafa SNAPSHOT: Designer Oumou Sy, Hudita Nura Mustafa Ghana, Doran H. Ross SNAPSHOT: Asantehene Nana Osei Bonsu (r. 1804-1823) Guinea, Mohamed N'Daou Guinea-Bissau, Walter Hawthorne and Clara Carvalho C te d'Ivoire, Barbara Sumberg and Remi Douah SNAPSHOT: Miss Zahui and Tapa Liberia, Jane Martin Mali, Mary Jo Arnoldi Niger, Kristyne Loughran Nigeria Overview, John Picton Yoruba in Nigeria and Diaspora, Rowland Abiodun Hausa in Nigeria and Diaspora, Norma H. Wolff Igbo in Nigeria and Diaspora, Herbert M. Cole The Kingdom of Benin, Kathy Curnow Lower Niger Delta Peoples and Diaspora, Martha G. Anderson and E.J. Alagoa SNAPSHOT: Kalabari Peoples of Nigeria, Joanne B. Eicher The Nigerian Fashion Scene, LaRay Denzer SNAPSHOT: Shade Thomas-Fahm (b. 1933) Sierra Leone, Frederick John Lamp SNAPSHOT: Sierra Leone-Dress and Undress Togo, Agbenyega Adedze Cameroon, Christraud M. Geary PART 7: Central Africa Central African Republic, Michelle Kisliuk and Justin Serge Mongosso Chad, Kristyne Loughran Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo, Elisabeth L. Cameron SNAPSHOT: Le Sape SNAPSHOT: Negotiating Identity Mangbetu Dress, Enid Schildkrout and Curtis A. Keim Kuba Dress and Textiles, Elisabeth L. Cameron Equatorial Guinea, Enrique Okenve Gabon, Judith Knight and Rachel Jean-Baptiste Fang of Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, Louis P. Perrois Translated by Francine Farr PART 8: Horn of Africa Ethiopia, Peri M. Klemm SNAPSHOT: Eritrea, Peri M. Klemm Somalia SNAPSHOT: Cultural Crosscurrents in Somalia, Heather Marie Akou SNAPSHOT: Djibouti, Peri M. Klemm Sudan, Susan M. Kenyon PART 9: East Africa Madagascar, John Mack Tanzania, Sandra Klopper and Rehema Nchimbi SNAPSHOT: Kanga, Thadeus Shio Kenya, Corinne A. Kratz Uganda, Venny Nakazibwe and Sylvia Nannyonga-Tamusuza Rwanda and Burundi, Michele D. Wagner PART 10: Southern Africa Angola, Manuel Jord n P rez Botswana, Deborah Durham Lesotho, Gary van Wyk Malawi, Barbara W. Blackmun Mozambique, Kathleen Sheldon SNAPSHOT: Capulanas Namibia, Hildi Hendrickson South Africa Overview, Patricia Davison Nguni, Zulu, and Xhosa Dress and Beadwork, Gary van Wyk Pedi, Ndebele, and Ntwane Dress and Beadwork, Sandra Klopper Tsonga Dress and Fashion, Rayda Becker Migrant Workers, Production, and Fashion, Sandra Klopper and Fiona Rankin-Smith Women's Cooperatives and Self-Help Artists, Kimberly Miller and Brenda Schmahmann Swaziland, Lombuso Khoza Zambia, Ruth Kerkham Simbao Zimbabwe, William J. Dewey Index
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