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The English wool trade in the Middle Ages

This book is the first comprehensive account of the wool trade through the whole of the medieval period. Within England it is concerned with the production and marketing of wool and with the ways in which the wool trade influenced the economic and political fortunes of different sectors of society. It describes and analyses in detail each of the periods of growth and decline in the export market. As well as explaining changes in the volume of trade it offers the first attempt to portray the distribution of the trade among individual merchants. As the scene widens Mr. Lloyd explains how England's relations with other European powers were influenced by mutual interest in the state of the wool trade. Another major theme is the influence which the export of wool exerted on England's economy as a whole
eBook, English, 1977
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1977
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List of tables and maps; Preface; Abbreviations used in notes and bibliography; 1. The growth of the Flemish connection; 2. The end of the Flemish ascendancy; 3. The Italian hegemony; 4. The English triumphant; 5. Edward III - woolmonger extraordinary; 6. Quest for a staple policy; 7. The evolution of the Calais staple; 8. The decline of the wool trade; 9. Marketing the wool; Notes; Bibliography; Index.
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