Front cover image for A Krutch omnibus : forty years of social and literary criticism

A Krutch omnibus : forty years of social and literary criticism

Joseph Wood Krutch (Author)
Compilation of the distinguished critic and naturalist's essays on such diverse topics as morals, the technological age, the lives and work of prominent authors, and the relevance of the humanities
Print Book, English, 1970
Morrow, New York, 1970
Criticism, interpretation, etc
ix, 341 pages ; 25 cm
Part I: the modern temper. Introduction
Genesis of a mood
Tragic fallacy
Conclusion, the modern temper
Introductory comment, with excerpts from More Lives Than One, upon The Measure of Man
Loss on confidence
Grand strategy
Minimal man
Old-fashioned science of man
function of discourse
It may not be too late
Not so blank slate (human nature and the human condition)
Part II: life, art and peace. Introdcution, with excerpts from Experience and Art
Communism and the old pagan (was Europe a success?)
Cant, Candor, and the class war
Part III. Miscellaena. Morals. No essays, please!
Search for a rule of life
Commencement address
What is modernism?
Honor and morality
Challenge to an unknown writer
Two cultures. Is our common man too common?
Are the humanities worth saving?
Should we bring literature to children?
Psychoanalyzing Alice
Infatuation with the primative
Prosperity of a jest
Uses of literature in an age of science
World we live in. Why I am not going to the moon
Invention is the mother of necessity
Age of violence
Men, apes, and termites
Through happiness with slide rule and calipers
If you don't ming my saying so..
Part IV: on some men and some books. Introduction
Highbrows are not always right
"Passions of the head"
"You say that I am mad"
Genius and neuroticism
Samuel Richardson
Thoreau signs off
Birds and airplanes