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Challenging racism in higher education : promoting justice

"Challenging Racism in Higher Education provides conceptual frames for understanding the historic and current state of intergroup relations and institutionalized racial discrimination in our colleges and universities. Subtle and overt forms of privilege and discrimination on the basis of race, gender, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, religion, and physical ability are present on almost all campuses, and they seriously damage the potential for all students to learn and for all faculty and administrators to teach and lead. This book concertizes these issues by presenting the voices and experiences of college students, faculty, and administrators and linking this material to research literature via interpretive analyses of people's experiences
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xiv, 333 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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Part I. Context
Contemporary Struggles Over Race and Racial Equality/Justice
A History of Racism in U.S. Higher Education
An Organizational Framework for Analyzing Racism in Educational Organizations
Part II. Campus Members' Experiences
White Students in the University
Students of Color in the University
The Experiences of Diverse Faculty Teaching in Diverse Classrooms
Collegiate/University Boards, Presidents, and Senior Officials: Governing and Administering with Diversity
Part III. Challenging Discrimination and Promoting Multiculturalism
Strategies of Organizational Change
Planning Multicultural Audits
Administrative and Faculty Roles in Advancing Multiculturalism
Student Programs and Initiatives Promoting Multiculturalism
Examples of Collegiate/University Multicultural Change Recommendations
Part IV. The Future?
Looking Toward the Future Table of contents