Front cover image for In banks we trust

In banks we trust

Discusses corruption in world banking
Print Book, English, 1984
Anchor Press/Doubleday, Garden City, N.Y., 1984
xxiv, 310 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780385183291, 0385183291
From Chase Manhattan's basement to a storefront bank in an Oklahoma shopping center : the hazards of gambling with other people's money
The arrogance of Citibank, or how bankers hoodwink their regulators and endanger the U.S. economy
How lax management invites criminal infiltrators and bank robberies
Nugan Hand: murder and the good old boys of the CIA
Florida's bent bankers, the CIA, mobsters, and offshore havens
Miami: port of entry for cocaine and marijuana; U.S. headquarters of Latin-American terrorists and Cuban-Colombian drug merchants: the country's most fear-haunted city
The banking industry booms in Florida as dope smugglers and related villains need laundries for their cartons of cash: how easy it is for a crook, particularly an alien crook, to buy a bank, and why U.S. law enforcement agencies cannot stop them
The World Finance Corporation, a spectacular scam with a pinstripe name: how a glib Cuban refugee built an international pyramid on money laundering and tax evasion, abetted by the CIA, Fidel Castro, right-wing terrorists, and Arab potentates
Razzle-dazzle banking reaches the Vatican, as Archbishop Marcinkus involves the Holy City in the schemes of Italian fascists, the Sicilian Mafia, and Latin American death squads: an example of the high cost of credulity
The Vatican resists its creditors and throws a chill into world banking
The big commercial banks find that lending money to Third World countries is a habit hard to break: Ronald Reagan rides to their rescue with taxpayers' money