Front cover image for Road to heaven; twenty-eight Negro spirituals

Road to heaven; twenty-eight Negro spirituals

Musical Score, English, 1955
University of Alabama Press, University, Ala., 1955
Spirituals (Songs)
37 pages 28 cm
What you gwine to do?
Oh, where is Mary gone?
My mother's in heaven
Take my mother home
Oh yes, I'm goin' up
Settin' down by de side of de Lamb
Oh, little chillun
Blow, Gab'l
Jesus got His business fix
Po' Mona, you shall be free
Fold my hands and tie my feet
I do love de Lamb
Hail, sinners! Hail-lo
Sweet heaven is a handsome place
Roll, Jordan
Road to heaven
Pray all night
Ef de Lord calls you
Go, 'Lija
Samson's wife sot on his knees
March along
Don't come, oh Lord
I will sleep away
Galman Day
Like a feather in the wind
His love comes a-tricklin' down
Nobody knows
Dig deep, children
Unacc. melodies