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Management and Supervision in Law Enforcement

Shaun Edward LaDue (Author)
MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISION IN LAW ENFORCEMENT is a practical and straightforward book that focuses on law enforcement managers and supervisors, their jobs, and the complicated interrelationships between members of the law enforcement team and the communities they serve. The seventh edition begins with a general overview of the policing profession to provide context for later discussions of the role of managers within the field. Readers will learn about post-9/11 policing, research on the effects of 9/11, and the latest on data-driven policing, intelligence-led policing, evidence-based policing, and predictive policing. A new "Ethical Dilemma" boxed feature challenges readers to think critically about the moral issues faced by supervisors every day. This comprehensive overview of the responsibilities of law enforcement leaders, covering relevant topics ranging from the newest principles in policing to the exciting technological aids changing the face of law enforcement today, prepares readers to become tomorrow's leaders
Print Book, English, 2015
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Delmar, Australia, 2015
pages 639 ; 26 cm
9781285447926, 1285447921
Part I: MANAGEMENT, SUPERVISION, AND LEADERSHIP IN LAW ENFORCEMENT: AN OVERVIEW.1. The Organization and Mission of Policing in the United States.2. Management, Supervision, and Leadership in Law Enforcement.Part II: LEADERSHIP FUNDAMENTALS.3. Communication: A Critical Management Skill.4. Decision Making and Problem Solving as a Manager and Leader.5. Time Management: Minute by Minute.Part III: BUILDING CAPACITY.6. Staffing Your Agency: Hiring, Training, and Professional Learning.7. Promoting Growth and Development.8. Motivation and Morale.Part IV: LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES.9. Collaborating with Labor Management and Handling Complaints and Grievances.10. Discipline and Problem Behaviors.11. Stress and Related Hazards of the Job.Part V: LEADING AND MANAGING AN ORGANIZATION.12. Deploying Law Enforcement Resources and Improving Productivity.13. Budgeting and Managing Costs Creatively in the New Norm.14. Measuring Performance: Assessment and Evaluation.Part VI: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? 15. Learning from the Past; Looking to the Future.
Includes appendices, glossary, and index