Front cover image for Is anybody listening? : how world leaders ignored prescient warnings on the Middle East

Is anybody listening? : how world leaders ignored prescient warnings on the Middle East

Khalaf A. Al Habtoor (Author)
"Conflicts of varying intensity continue to affect much of the Arab world, while other areas endure spillover effects impeding peoples' fundamental right to live their lives free from fear and want. Worst affected are Syria and Iraq. The resulting catastrophic loss of life, with more than 22 million people displaced by conflict, means we are witnessing the most abject human tragedy since the end of World War II. This book highlights how this Armageddon in parts of the Middle East stems at least in part from moral and political failures by the West, and how world leaders enabled the likes of the militias and proxies of Iran, Daesh and the Muslim Brotherhood. In the wake of increased terrorist attacks around the world and at a time of countercultural revolutions of global and historic proportions, spearheaded by terrorists who use Islam as a cover, and by other extremists and nascent far-right parties in the West, Khalaf Al Habtoor underscores the Arab perspective on key challenges in the Middle East, and issues a clarion call for Arab and non-Arab states to stand 'hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart' to fight this alien sickness that is tearing the world apart."--Publisher description
Print Book, English, 2016
Akkadia Press, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2016
xvii, 398 pages : illustrations (some color), map ; 24 cm
9780993584527, 0993584527
Foreword / Jimmy Carter
Introduction / John Duke Anthony
Part 1. Iran: the root of the problem
The dangers of Iran's manipulation of the world
Iran's domestic policy and the persecution of minorities
Iran and the nuclear threat: the danger of new alliances
Part 2. The Arab world: the real and present dangers threatening to destroy the Middle East
The devastation of the cradle of civilization: Iraq's downfall
The Syrian genocide: a country destroyed by its leader
Yemen: conflict and poverty
Lebanon: the burdens of a tolerant society
Palestine: finding a path to peace with Israel
Revolution in Egypt and the long road to recovery
Getting an Arab voice heard: keynote speeches delivered by Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor