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RB 1980 : the rule of St. Benedict in Latin and English with notes

Benedict (Author), Timothy Fry (Editor), Imogene Baker (Editor), Timothy Horner (Editor), Augusta Raabe (Editor), Mark Sheridan (Editor), Jean Neufville (Editor)
eBook, English, 1981
Liturgical Press, Collegeville, Minnesota, 1981
1 online resource (xxxvi, 627 pages)
9780814637470, 0814637477
Coverpage; Titlepage; Copyright; Foreword; Preface; Table of Contents; Abbreviations; Short Titles of Patristic and Ancient Works; Part One: Introduction: Historical Orientation; The Origins of Monasticism; 1. Introduction; 2. Pre-Christian Monasticism; 3. The Literature of Early Christian Monasticism; 4. The Development of Monasticism in Relation to the Church; 5. Anachōrēsis and the Eremitical Movement; 6. Pachomius and Cenobitic Monasticism; 7. St. Basil and Monasticism in Asia Minor. 8. Origen and the Spirituality of Northern Egyptian Monasticism at the End of the Fourth Century; Pre-Benedictine Monasticism in the Western Chruch; 1. The Origins of Western Monasticism; 2. Monastic Origins in Italy; 3. Latin Monasticism in the Holy Land; 4. Monasticism in Gaul; 5. Monasticism in Roman Africa; The Rule of St. Benedict; 1. The Sixth Century; 2. St. Benedict and His Rule: The State of the Question; 3. St. Benedict of Nursia; 4. Relationship of the Rule to the Regula Magistri; 5. The Context of the Rule; 6. The Content of the Rule; 7. The Language of the Rule. 8. Text and Editions of the Rule; The Rule in History; 1. The Early Diffusion of the RB; 2. The Triumph of the RB: The Benedictine Centuries; 3. Decline and Renewal: The RB from the Thirteenth Century to Modem Times; 4. The Rule in the New World; 5. The Relevance of the Rule Today; Part Two: Regula Sancti Benedicti: Latin and English with Patristic Sources and Notes; Prologue; 1. The Kinds of Monks; 2. Qualities of the Abbot; 3. Summoning the Brothers for Counsel; 4. The Tools for Good Works; 5. Obedience; 6. Restraint of Speech; 7. Humility; 8. The Divine Office at Night. 9. The Number of Psalms at the Night Office10. The Arrangement of the Night Office in Summer; 11. The Celebration of Vigils on Sunday; 12. The Celebration of the Solemnity of Lauds; 13. The Celebration of Lauds on Ordinary Days; 14. The Celebration of Vigils on the Anniversaries of Saints; 15. The Times for Saying Alleluia; 16. The Celebration of the Divine Office during the Day; 17. The Number of Psalms to Be Sung at These Hours; 18. The Order of the Psalmody; 19. The Discipline of Psalmody; 20. Reverence in Prayer; 21. The Deans of the Monastery; 22. The Sleeping Arrangements of the Monks. 23. Excommunication for Faults24. Degrees of Excommunication; 25. Serious Faults; 26. Unauthorized Association with the Excommunicated; 27. The Abbot's Concern for the Excommunicated; 28. Those Who Refuse to Amend after Frequent Reproofs; 29. Readmission of Brothers Who Leave the Monastery; 30. The Manner of Reproving Boys; 31. Qualifications of the Monastery Cellarer; 32. The Tools and Goods of the Monastery; 33. Monks and Private Ownership; 34. Distribution of Goods According to Need; 35. Kitchen Servers of the Week; 36. The Sick Brothers; 37. The Elderly and Children
Translation of the Regula of Saint Benedict
Issued in observance of the fifteen hundredth anniversary of the birth of Saint Benedict, traditionally ascribed to A.D. 480
Latin text is in the edition prepared by Jean Neufville and published in the series Sources chrétiennes, no 181 and 182
Electronic reproduction, [Place of publication not identified], HathiTrust Digital Library, 2010
Text in Latin with English translation on facing pages; introduction and notes in English