Front cover image for A history of the Protestant Episcopal Church

A history of the Protestant Episcopal Church

Raymond W. Albright (Author)
Its formative beginnings in England, its growth and development in the New World, and its place among the religious denominations of America
Print Book, English, 1964
Macmillan, New York, 1964
x, 406 pages ; 24 cm
I. The background in England
II. The church in Virginia
III. Beyond Virginia in the South
IV. The church in Massachusetts
V. Beyond Massachusetts in New England
VI. The church in New York
VII. The church in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
VIII. The struggle for the episcopate
IX. The church and the American Revolution
X. The constitutional convention
XI. The critical early years
XII. New leaders
XIII. The frontier church
XIV. The great missionary outreach
XV. The Oxford movement and party spirit
XVI. The civil war and missions
XVII. Division and unity
XVIII. The church and modern thought
XIX. Social action and the rise of the orders
XX. The world-wide mission field
XXI. The church in the modern era